Top Picks of the Month

My Moto:

I believe that great music, producers and labels that support the music industry and love what they do deserve to be heard around the world. There are so many different corners across the globe where music isn’t even touched on that are creditable and show love and enthusiasm for what they stand for. The power of voice through music, whether it be through mixes, records, single songs, labels and artistic expression, is a voice that is extremely powerful and can be heard over anything. With this in mind, I am hear to provide you with these people; individuals who love music, who are passionate about it, and show it proudly through their own personal expression.

Yeah, you know, We gotta remember why we fell in love with house music, We gotta go back to the basics. I see people stressing out and spazzing out all the time, Talking about what kinda style they like, They like it hard, They like it minimal, They like it techy, They like it tracky, And the funny thing is what everybody forgets, When they’re going on about what kinda music they like, And what kinda style they like in this day and age, The digital age, the computer age
Is at the end of the day
It’s all house music
That we live for