I grew up in a place with no neighbours.

Out in the middle of farmland north of Elora, Ontario. My mother always had Moby, Gorillaz, Fatboy Slim, Bjork and other electronically tasteful artists playing in the long car ride home from school everyday. She forced me into piano with a horribly nasty, stern teacher (which now, I thank you very much for mom). My first personal journey into electronic music was in the year 1998 when I received my first CD player for christmas that came with two albums; vengaboys and prozzak. From then on, when I could get an internet signal or a 20 dollar bill from my mother, I was purchasing and listening to electronic music. Daft Punk and Eiffel 65 were some of my next two major albums before I learned how to burn CDs. Also, my household had finally purchased the extended music channel package that included a TV channel broadcasted out of Toronto called BPM TV.  I would try to stay up extra late, way past my bedtime, AFTER saturday night dance party, to watch the bpm afterdark spot where Prodigy and other dirty, underground, european songs were being played. Of course I can say I went through my stages; gabber to heavy metal; trance to rap; hard dance to pop, but I landed onto electrohouse. I started my journey into mixing and beatport in my electro years when deadmau5 still wasn’t big and steve angello wasn’t commercial and making music with rap artists. But mixing and beatport brought me into the wonderful, vibrant and amazing genres I am into today; techno, minimal and tech house. Since discovering these genres, I turned 19 (legal age in Canada) and was able to experience live shows in our Toronto clubs, Footwork and Guvernment, started production of my own, and opened myself up to traveling to hear different sounds to events such as Winter Music Conference in Miami Florida.  I hope to continue to travel, share my experiences of sound meet amazing people who truly have the same passion as me when it comes to music.

I am a university student in York University studying Business Administration with Specialized Honors in Information Technology. I hope to continue on into my masters in business. I currently reside in Toronto with my puppy Duke. I play hockey, race motocross, snowboard and enjoy all active things. Oh, and I love a good, yummy cheesestring.

Rachella Maria B aka. Killpixxie